Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Go To School—Stay in School

Every school within the Compton Unified School District is extremely concerned about student attendance.   The research is very clear on this subject.  Students who attend school on a regular basis perform significantly better than students who miss school three or more days per month.

A study conducted by Attendance Works indicated that students who are absent three or more days per month are at risk of performing one to two years below students who attend school every day.

Attendance issues tend to develop early on for families, occurring as early as kindergarten, and place children at a much higher risk for dropping out of school in the latter part of their educational journey.

Encouraging your child to attend school daily is a proactive step to prepare your child for success. Students who attend school regularly have a better chance of graduating high school and fulfilling their college and career goals.

Sometimes children get sick. If they are sick—really sick-- they should stay home.

But a lot of reasons children don’t attend school might be they have to care for another family member, or they don’t want to attend because of their emotions, or they have dental and doctor’s appointments.  Concerning appointments, we know it is difficult to schedule appointments that fit within schedules.  However, we encourage you to make sure that your child attends school for the portion of the day that does not conflict with the appointment.

I understand that in our community there are a number of economic and social challenges that can impact a family and thus a child’s attendance in school.  Please feel free to contact the school and find out what services are available to assist your needs. We have several partnerships with agencies and we want to assist you in meeting your needs. But if the child doesn’t attend school, it really ties our hands.

Does your child miss more than one day of school per month?

It doesn’t seem like much until you realize over the course of a school year that your child has missed 10 or more days per year.   Those who miss 18 days per school year are chronically absent from school.  Students who are chronically absent are at a much greater risk of low performance in school and many who continue in this fashion eventually drop out of school by the time they are in high school.

We can truly make a difference in the lives of each and every child by doing what we can to decrease student absences.

The statistics are clear: children who attend school daily perform significantly higher than those who don’t.  Let’s work together to make sure that each and every child within the Compton Unified School District attends school daily.  Their success in the future depends on it.

To put it another way: “If they go to school, they’ll stay in school”

And that’s a good result for all of us.

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  1. I would like to know what will be done for those teachers who are chronically absent as well, because the same effect happens. A teacher being absent is the same thing as if a student was absent but worse because they affect 30 students at a time. What are the consequences for them?